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It is time to reconnect with nature. This unique organic treatment is characterized by a scent with a top note of almond, softened by notes of cedar wood and reflexology massage benefits vanilla and is indicated for all what is reflexology skin types, pregnant women and even the most sensitive. This experience starts with a bio-certified gommage with jojoba particles to smooth and renew the skin. Upon cleansing with a unique oil-gel, an application of the sacred nature bio-certified oil, an exclusive concentrate of organic reflexology nearby oils, deeply nourishes the body and restores skin elasticity and tone. This treatment detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin in relaxing and embracing ritual.

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The nirvana experience combines the spas’ most popular treatments into one divine experience. Using the healing properties of himalayan salt crystals for exfoliation, marma point massage foot reflexology, and herb poultices to stimulate inner vibrancy, release tension and harmonize. A total body detoxifying experience that provides deep cleaning to the body and leaves the skin soft, smooth and nourished with warm herbal infused body oils. This powerful combination of herbs and oils actually works to strengthen the immune system and eliminate the feelings reflexology spa of stress and anxiety. Finishing off the experience of nirvana is a shirodhara where a stream of warm oil is dripped onto the third eye. This quiets the mind, soothes the senses and balances the nervous system.

An excellent full body treatment for anyone in need of experiencing a deep sense of renewal and vitality chinese reflexology.

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Thermal water, green tea powder reflexology and foot.

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From these gardens came the lavender salt creek.

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Where a stream of warm whats reflexology oil is dripped onto the third eye.